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If you follow the news of the darknet world, then you know that in the past 2022 a significant event took place, the main site for the sale of illegal drugs on the darknet called Hydra was closed. They tried to close this service for a very long time, but it turned out only recently. In Germany, they closed all the servers that served this site and three-headed pala. But after about half a year, a new site appeared on the darknet, which, according to rumors, is the same hydra, but in a new guise. This site is called KRAKEN. In addition to the main advantages that the krmp cc hydra had, it also acquired new features. We'll talk about them.


The first thing I would like to say is that the creators of the kraken have carefully approached the design and design of their resource. The bet was made on a simple and minimalistic design. There are no bright banners on the kraken, and in general bright colors, the whole site is a white background and black font. Strange as it may seem, the buyers really liked it, they appreciated the design, which does not distract from shopping. There was also an emphasis on safety. A new technology was introduced, in which the site is not based on one or more servers, all files are distributed asynchronously, which makes it possible for krmp to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fear of DDoS attacks and the closure of the site by the authorities.